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Partnerships Boost ROI

The return on investment (ROI) for strategic partnerships is 50% higher than other business growth investments made by companies  (Journal of Accountancy).

Partnering Must Follow a Process

85% of C-level business leaders view partnerships as “essential” or “important” to their businesses, but only 33% report having a formal partnership strategy in place (CMO Council Report).

CEOs Lack Confidence

Only 44% of CEOs in the US believe their company has the necessary skillset to successfully establish and lead strategic partnerships (KPMG’s U.S. CEO Outlook 2016 Survey).


Separate yourself from the crowd by earning the Strategic Partner Leadership Professional (SPLP) Certification. This rigorous and challenging program consists of four unique courses that equate to 45 classroom hours of cutting-edge content. The SPLP Certification is ideal for leaders in Executive, Business Development, Operations, Marketing, or Strategy roles. Learners who successfully complete the certification program will learn new skills, techniques, and processes that will significantly improve the speed, efficiency, and success rates of their partnerships. In order to earn the SPLP Certification, learners must complete all 4 courses within a six-month period. At the end of the final course (2-Day Advanced Workshop), learners must pass a 1-hour written examination. If a learner does not achieve a score of 80% or greater, he/she will have one additional opportunity to pass the exam within a two-month period.


Profit Growth Through Strategic Partnerships

The rate of strategic partnerships being formed by companies is growing at a rate of 25% per year. Why? Because they can deliver significant financial results. However, it is estimated that 65-75% of partnerships fail. Why? Because most companies lack the required skills and they don't follow a partnership management model. The Strategic Partner Leadership Model (SPLM) is a first-of-its-kind framework that allows business leaders to learn the core best practices that lead to partnership success. Fidelis One offers value-packed workshops, a step-by-step model (SPLM), and the Strategic Partner Leadership Professional (SPLP) Certification to equip you and your partners to successfully develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

How Do I Learn More About Strategic Partnerships?


This powerful and transformative engagement results a full implementation of our proprietary Strategic Partner Leadership Model (SPLM) within your organization.


These information-packed sessions are offered at your business office to ease logistics and offer sessions that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of your growth-oriented company.


These engaging courses  can be taken at numersous locations in the Greater Kansas City area. The collaborative nature of public sessions adds a powerful and dynamic element to these sessions.

Forging successful partnerships is transformative for any business. PARTNERNOMICS offers a first-of-its-kind, thoroughly researched and practical toolkit for developing and nurturing synergistic partnerships. Mark Brigman's exhaustive study and life-long dedication to the subject inform this essential field guide to partnering. With this tactical and strategic advice, readers can realize the full potential of partnership, defying conventional sum-of-parts math to bringing extraordinary value to all constituents.” — Paul Scanlan, CEO Legion M / Co-Founder MobiTV
In today's business world, strategic partnerships are the fuel for exponential growth for companies large and small.  Brigman not only brilliantly illustrates the unique benefits these business relationships bring to bear, but also provides a clear framework for establishing and nurturing successful partnerships.” — Stephen Whiteing, VP CenturyLink
In PARTNERNOMICS, Dr. Mark Brigman challenges everything you thought you knew about starting, maturing, and maximizing business partnerships. Mark encourages us to replace transactional partnership thinking (like RFPs, POs, etc.) with strategic concepts like trust, esprit de corps, and the partnership pyramid. This fast-and-fresh book is packed with ideas for re-calibrating our traditional approach to business relationships. Read it before you continue to use old-school approaches in our rapidly evolving business environment.” — Dr. Lee Stuart, Leadership Programs – University of Kansas


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