FIDELIS ONE is on a mission to help growth-oriented business leaders achieve exponential profit growth by leveraging the power of partnership.

We Are Experts at Developing Strategic Partnerships

FIDELIS ONE is a national provider of Strategic Partnership Consulting & Coaching services designed to help organizations achieve a competitive advantage by leveraging the power of strategic business partnerships.  We work with business leaders from companies of all sizes. Our expert coaches, proprietary tools, resources, and processes enable our clients to transform their growth-oriented organizations by becoming better managers and leaders of strategic partnerships.


FIDELIS ONE clients utilize its proprietary Strategic Partner Leadership Model™ (SPLM) that provides a step-by-step, facilitated process to:

1. Clearly set vision, mission, and core values that will govern your organization and partnerships.

2. Architect new or reengineer existing partner leadership teams; 

3. Identify and execute the company and partnership goals that ultimately define success for your partnership(s).


FIDELIS ONE was founded by Mark Brigman a 20-year veteran in the specialized discipline of strategic partnerships. Mark has been called an international expert on forging strategic partnerships. Throughout his career he has architected and managed hundreds of strategic partnerships, including relationships with multi-billion dollar corporations, such as: ABC, Disney, Sony, AT&T, Nokia, Ericsson, FOX Networks, Verizon, and NBC Universal, just to name a few.

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