FIDELIS ONE is on a mission to help growth-oriented business leaders achieve exponential profit growth by leveraging the power of partnership.


Dr. Mark Brigman, Founder & Chief Consultant [download bio] [download "Power of Partnership"]

Mark is an expert at turning collaborative relationships into highly functional competitive advantages. While working for a Fortune 100 technology firm, he traveled across the US and to numerous European countries establishing and leading multi-million dollar partnerships. Since the early 2000s, his passion and expertise in strategic partnerships led him to speak as a partnering expert on numerous occasions, including an international conference in London to 600 people. Mark’s passion and ability to build lasting business partnerships is a unique gift. He authored PARTNERNOMICS, which introduced the Strategic Partner Leadership Model™ (SPLM) as the culmination of his 20 years of experience in forging industry-leading partnerships. Most recently, Mark led a collaboration with the University of Central Missouri to offer the Strategic Partner Leadership Professional (SPLP) Certification program so business professionals can methodically learn the B2B partnership best practices that lead to significant profit growth.


Before founding FIDELIS ONE, Mark served as Chief Operations Officer and VP of Client Services at two national firms. His pedigree includes a Ph.D. in Business Administration & Leadership, Master’s in Economics, 13 years as a strategic partnership lead for a Fortune 100 firm, US Patent Inventor, Adjunct Professor of Business & Economics, six-year veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, and University of Central Missouri Advisory Board Member.


Mike Milich, MBA, Senior Consultant

Mike specializes in negotiation and is a highly sought after advisor and partner. He brings more than 25 years of experience and works with Fortune 500 companies around the world.  He supports clients in a wide variety of deals including Strategic Partnerships, Merger and Acquisitions, other Alliances, Global Procurement and Supply Chain, Sales and Account Management, Labor Relations, and High-Level deal making. Mike holds an undergraduate degree in business from University of Missouri – Columbia. He earned a CPA and holds an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis.


Dr. Lee Stuart, Senior Consultant

Dr. Stuart is a strategic business planning and executive coaching expert with an expansive background including senior leadership of an international organization and owner of a management consulting firm. Lee is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who has been the personal coach to more than 125 executives across 14 industry types. He holds a Doctorate in Business Administration & Leadership Studies.


Lisa Shackelford, Director of Sales

Lisa is a 20 year veteran in the disciplines of sales, marketing, and public relations. Her professional experience has allowed her to work with business leaders from nearly every sector to understand the unique challenges that organizations face as they prepare to grow. Her vast professional network combined with her long-time presence in the business community make her a trusted and knowledgeable resource for growth-minded leaders.  

“Forging successful partnerships is transformative for any business. PARTNERNOMICS offers a first-of-its-kind, thoroughly researched and practical toolkit for developing and nurturing synergistic partnerships. Mark Brigman’s exhaustive study and life-long dedication to the subject inform this essential field guide to partnering. With this tactical and strategic advice, readers can realize the full potential of partnership, defying conventional sum-of-parts math to bringing extraordinary value to all constituents.”

— Paul Scanlan, CEO Legion M / Co-Founder MobiTV

We Are Experts at Developing Strategic Partnerships

FIDELIS ONE is a national provider of Strategic Partnership Consulting & Coaching services designed to help organizations achieve a competitive advantage by leveraging the power of strategic business partnerships.  We work with business leaders from companies of all sizes. Our expert coaches, proprietary tools, resources, and processes enable our clients to transform their growth-oriented organizations by becoming better managers and leaders of strategic partnerships.

FIDELIS ONE clients utilize its proprietary Strategic Partner Leadership Model™ (SPLM) that provides a step-by-step, facilitated process to:

  1. Clearly set vision, mission, and core values that will govern your organization and partnerships.
  2. Architect new or reengineer existing partner leadership teams;  
  3. Identify and execute the company and partnership goals that ultimately define success for your partnership(s).

FIDELIS ONE was founded by Mark Brigman a 20-year veteran in the specialized discipline of strategic partnerships. Mark has been called an international expert on forging strategic partnerships. Throughout his career he has architected and managed hundreds of strategic partnerships, including relationships with multi-billion dollar corporations, such as: ABC, Disney, Sony, AT&T, Nokia, Ericsson, FOX Networks, Verizon, and NBC Universal, just to name a few.

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