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 "A core competency in partnering enables a fast-track to leverage a core competency in anything".







Does your organization or workforce need expert help to leverage the full power of B2B partnerships? Our expert coaches work with executives, leadership teams, and individual partnership managers to help make partnering become an organizational strength. From strategic partnership planning to partnership execution, our seasoned coaches will address all of the unique components of the partnering process. Our approach illuminates the true art and science of partnering that will lead to a significant improvement of your team’s understanding and more importantly, your company’s results!
 “Companies that understand partnering will be the big winners”
   Steve Case, CEO – America Online (AOL)
Our coaching programs are fully customized to meet your company’s unique needs. The process starts with a needs assessment and then we architect a development plan that will guide our monthly activities. Our coaches meet with clients on-site or virtually (video conference) on a regular basis to provide guidance and support. The process is very collaborative and the full focus is on RESULTS through ACTION. Building a powerful and sustaining partnering process within your organization will take time and commitment.



Standard Activities/Resources 

6 Month Program 

   12 Month Program

 Initial Partnering Needs Assessment √  √ 
 Company / Individual Development Plan    
 4-hour on-site meeting (monthly)    
 1-hour video/phone check-in (monthly)    
 Strategic Partnering Plan – Workshop    
 Strategic Partner Leadership Model (SPLM)    
 SPLM Tools and Video Resources    

 3 Free SPLP Certification Courses ($2,985 value)







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