Strategic Negotiating (SN)  

1- Day Course - $995


Learn how to effectively negotiate buy/sell agreements, partnering deals, labor disputes, and customer support issues, among other topics. In this dynamic workshop participants are taught valuable negotiating skills as well as a practical 4-tier framework that will allow you to effectively negotiate agreements of any kind. 
This course teaches an approach to efficiently:

1) Construct a negotiating strategy 

2) Engage in meaningful dialog to share and obtain information

3) Evaluate proposals and offer counter proposals

4) Close deals that meet your objectives

This powerful workshop has participants divide into multiple mock companies where they are tasked with negotiating successful agreements based upon various business simulations. The simulations come from real-world cases that cover unique negotiating circumstances to provide a well-rounded learning experience.
The negotiations are video recorded to facilitate discussion, critique, and enhance the depth of learning. Each participant has the opportunity to assume specific tasks as their team engages another company in order to execute a "win/win" agreement. Each member uses valuable skills learned in the course to build and execute a negotiation strategy that leads to a sound deal for both organizations.


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