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Fidelis One offers a first-of-its kind framework that allows business leaders to methodically and strategically lead their partnerships to success.
As national provider of Strategic Business Partnership Solutions Fidelis One offers custom consulting engagements and workshops (public & private) to help business leaders develop a competitive advantage by making business-to-business partner leadership be a core competency to their business.   
In addition, Fidelis One has partnered with the University of Central Missouri to offer the Strategic Partner Leadership Professionalâ„¢ (SPLP)
 to business leaders across the United States.
Fidelis One was founded by Mark Brigman a 20-year veteran in the specialized discipline of strategic partnerships. Mark has been called an international expert on forging strategic partnerships. Throughout his career he has architected and managed hundreds of strategic partnerships, including relationships with multi-billion dollar corporations, such as: ABC, Disney, Sony, AT&T, Nokia, Ericsson, FOX Networks, Verizon, and NBC Universal.





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