Strategic Partner Leadership Model (SPLM)

FIDELIS ONE offers this first-of-its-kind framework that allows business leaders to methodically and strategically lead their partnerships to success.

FIDELIS ONE is a national provider of Strategic Business Partnership solutions designed to help your company grow by leveraging the power of partnership. Our flagship services is the  Strategic Partner Leadership Model (SPLM) Program.

In addition to custom consulting engagements and workshops (public & private), our consultants help business leaders  develop a competitive advantage by making business-to-business partner leadership be a core competency of their business. As you know, signing an agreement does not constitute a successful partnership—managing and leading the partnership to deliver substatial results is the objective. 


The intent of this powerful and transformative engagement is to initiate a full implementation of the Strategic Partner Leadership Model (SPLM) within a client’s organization. This engagement starts with a half-day Strategic Partnering Check-Up where the SPLM Implementer assesses the needs of your organization and lays the groundwork for a successful implementation. Next, the SPLM Implementer conducts a two-day session starting with Strategic Partnering Best Practices (Chapters 1-4) and then closes by setting the SPLM Framework (Chapters 5-10) into place. Dr. Brigman's book, PARTNERNOMICS, serves as our primary guide and it is supplemented by videos, worksheets, assessments, illustrations, and live collaboration exercises.

Our client’s Partner Development Leaders (PDLs) / team(s) will continue to work with the SPLM Implementer for on-going, monthly half-day sessions until the SPLM framework is fully implemented. This process generally takes one year to complete. The PDLs will have access to additional training and resources between the monthly half-day implementation sessions. The SPLM Implementers are also available for continued coaching between monthly sessions, if needed.

SPLM Implementation services are designed for companies of all sizes and they can be customized to best suit your organization’s needs. The Strategic Partnering Check-Up and the two-day (Strategic Partnering Best Practices and SPLM Framework Implementation) sessions are conducted in-person. The monthly Check-ins may be in-person, video chat, or telephone conversations. The program is flexible so it offers maximum value based upon your organization’s specific needs.

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"In PARTNERNOMICS, Brigman not only brilliantly illustrates the unique benefits these business relationships bring to bear, but also provides a clear framework for establishing and nurturing successful partnerships.”

— Stephen Whiteing, VP CenturyLink